A quick update

We are all finally over what ever nastiness passed through our house. Actually my husband and Rowan never came down with it  – thank goodness.  And Jaia felt well enough on Tuesday to perform in one performance and then took the rest of the week off. Whatever this  was really wiped you out.

Rowan finally found a job!! Well – the job found her. It’s at my SIL’s barn cleaning stalls. No mall jobs for her. I’ve been trying to get her to fill out applications for months for the grocery store or her favorite mall store – but no go. As soon as she’s offered the muck job though she’s all over it! That’s my horse girl!

I spent Thursday morning sitting and waiting, The barn is about 30 minutes away so the first couple of days I just hung out. The first day I sat in the car.






Friday I ventured into the small town and found a coffee shop! This will be a new normal for us for a while. The dropping off of Row and the waiting. In the weeks to come  I’ll be  using this time with Jaia to get our school work done – It’s a good, solid 4 hours that’s set aside.





The breakfast sandwich was very tasty and I used the time on Friday since I was alone to map out future blog post ideas –

I hope everyone is doing well! I am enjoying the sun and warm weather and we are very much enjoying the sounds of the birds !!

Bright Blessings!







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