Bits and Pieces

It’s raining today in Missouri. We’ve enjoyed several days of wonderful warm weather. The snow has completely melted in our neck of the woods.  Rowan was able to go ride OUTSIDE yesterday and it was wonderful.

My husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary this past Saturday. We went out by ourselves and had a wonderful dinner with adult beverages and then went for ice-cream 🙂 Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures when you have 2 kids and a busy crazy life.

We had friends over on Sunday for dinner and a rousing game of “cards against humanity” – which is raunchy and hilarious and NOT at all appropriate for anyone under the age of 45.

We’ve had 2 bonfires this weekend. The first on Sunday with our guests and the second just last night. ‘Just for the family’.  Rowan insisted. She’s becoming quite the fire marshall. Marshmallows are a must when one is having a bonfire.




Rowan’s job was short lived – She realized just how much they were going to pay her per stall –  $2.00 (avalon paid 2.50) and there were going to be on average 20 stalls. Row is a meticulous cleaner so it was taking her slightly longer than what the owners seemed to have liked . And on top of that it was an almost 35 -40 minute drive each way for me to take her. Not that I minded but still it took a chunk out of the day and I don’t think it’s what she was expecting. Oh well. there are places MUCH closer to home that are hiring as well –

I have been somewhat off kilter these past 4 days or so. A friends husband passed away unexpectedly this past Friday. It was sudden and he was only 47. It’s made me just sit back and relax a bit more, Snuggle with my girls a bit more, Hug my husband a bit tighter.

Bright Blessings to everyone.





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