Or, the “proper” way to cut and artichoke for baking (according to me) LOL!


We love artichokes in our house. In fact my girls will both eat an artichoke and ASK  for them occasionally to have with dinner. They love the whole, fresh artichokes but I cannot get them to eat jarred ones! Funny girls – but fresh artichokes are so much better anyway.

Artichokes are an amazing vegetable – sometimes hailed as a superfood – and are a fairly versatile veggie – I like to eat them whole (oven roasted), jarred on pizza, in salads, in pasta, on grilled cheese sandwiches OR panini s.

Here’s how to cut an artichoke  – It’s very, very easy really. I’ve you’ve ever been intimidated by these green flowers there’s really no need. There are simply 2 cuts to prepare an artichoke. First you cut off the stem.






And then you cut off the tips of the artichoke leaves.





Then if you have some loose, floppy leaves around the bottom, simply tear them off.



You’ll end up with an artichoke that looks like this –



And there you have it! They look intimidating but they aren’t  – REALLY!


I like to cook these in the oven – So I place my prepared artichokes in a baking dish – with about an inch of water.



Kind of get in there and spread out the petals a little bit so the butter and olive oil and spices or herbs can go way down to the heart of the choke.

I season mine simply with salt, pepper, garlic (push it down into the leaves), olive oil and butter. I also add some Trader Joes “21 seasoning salute” when I have it.



Pop a lid on the dish or cover with foil and bake in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. Larger globes will take longer. They are finished when you can pull one of the petals out from the center easily.



To eat you pul the petals out and scrape your teeth against the bottom of the petal to get all the yummy “meat” near the heart.  When you’ve eaten all the leafy bottoms you can scrape the thistles away from the heart of the artichoke and eat that-

Here’s a video I found on how to eat an artichoke from Ocean Mist Farm- I hope it works!


This was diner for me last night -baked artichoke hearts, french bread toasted with pesto and then topped with sautéed onions and sundries tomatoes –


Oh yum! Since my husband was out of town we watched the new “ANNIE” while we ate.


Enjoy and Bright Blessings!

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