Make it Monday

OR three easy decorative buntings to make and hang.

So this is my second draft! My first one I accidentally deleted!

We are talking about 3 types of easy bunting to make today- or rather 2 really easy and one easy but more involved and time consuming – I used doilies, the pages from an old repurposed book, and table cloth vinyl. These 3 bunting cost me less that $15 .



The doilies I bought at Joann’s’ in the cake decorating isle  for about $2.50 and the ribbon was also purchased at Joann’s for less than $3.00.

This doily bunting is so simple and easy – I think it took me from beginning  to end, less than 15 minutes. First fold each doily in half.



Then, using a sewing machine, take each doily and put it over the ribbon and sew down the center of the ribbon.







Continue sewing the doilies onto the ribbon until you have no more doilies! Leave about 1 inch between the end of one doily and the beginning of the next – It hangs nicer this way 🙂



I left about 10 inches at the beginning and the end of the bunting so we can hang it. If you don’t have a sewing machine, for the 2 bunting we are talking about today you can use double stick tape on. Simply apply the tape to the ribbon:)

Our second type of bunting is the favorite of my 16 year old reader. Again maybe 10 minutes total time?

I took the pages from an old book I’ve used for various projects –



These pages are about 8 inches by 6 inches.

Simply sew the pages onto the ribbon leaving about an inch between each page – You can make this bunting as long or as short as you want – I









I think they turned out rather fabulous! You could make bunting out of so many different things! A children’s picture book  – maybe for a nursery? OR a map or the pages from a musical? Fabric scraps! The list could go on!

Tune in Wednesday for our final vinyl bunting!

Bright Blessings!




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