Bunting #3

I think this style bunting is, by far, the most favorite bunting of the 3 I made.



It did take a little longer than the other two I made, but I was still able to make this in under an hour  –

You’ll need wide bias tape and about one yard of vinyl table cloth fabric from the fabric store. You *oould* use an actual table cloth that is packaged for table use if you want –

I bought the tablecloth vinyl at our big box fabric store for 5.99 a yard – I bought 2 yards “just in case” and had a 50% coupon so I made this bunting (and a table cloth for my 54 inch square kitchen table) for less than $6! The fold over binding someone had giving me years ago.

First I made a template using a paper bag. My triangles are 6 inches by 8 inches long and I made the vinyl bunting triangle pieces double sided – meaning I cut a triangle for both the front and back. I like things to look uniform from both sides 🙂



Using the template –  trace your triangles onto the vinyl




Cut out your bunting triangles – I used a pin in each set to hold the two triangle pieces wrong sides together.IMG_5067

I used my pinking shears simply to give them some texture on the edges. Just because I liked it:)


I used this wide bias tape for the “ribbon” portion of my bunting.



Taking  2  vinyl triangles, wrong sides together, place them in the center of the open bias tape (see picture). Fold the bias tape over the top so the 2 pieces of vinyl are sandwiched and pin!



I found it was easiest to cut and pin all the bunting triangles before I did the sewing portion of the project –



The sewing is really a two part process (well for me at least). First you are going to sew down the bias tape, making sure the vinyl triangles are securely tucked between the folded tape – Sew all the way down, removing pins as you go.



Next you are going to sew the two triangle pieces together – I guess you could sew each triangle together BEFORE you actually pin and sew it to the bias tape but –  personal preference 🙂

So – sewing the triangles. Start on one side,  sew down to the point of the triangle and up the other side, starting and ending at the bias tape –







Continue until all the triangle are done!


I think my bunting has 16 triangles. It wasn’t hard – just a bit time consuming – but the bunting looks fantastic when finished!




Enjoy! When I was shopping for vinyl – they had SO MANY different patterns to choose from! You could make dozens of bunting banners!!. Instead of vinyl you could use  felt pieces, faux leather pieces, regular cotton fabric, The choices are endless!

Bright Blessings –



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