A day in the life —

This week has been both busy and slow. We’ve been busy each day but not all day. We’ve been going  – but not nonstop.

Here are just a  few things we did to fulfill our lives yesterday –

Yoga for me- it’s necessary. Calming and relaxing.




Skateboard practice in the street. I love our neighborhood of for this reason – we live on a series of connecting cup-de-sacs, so we don’t have the through traffic and I feel comfortable letting the girls skateboard and ride their bikes around the neighborhood. We did talk about the necessity of a helmet while skateboarding – evening the “softest” hit on the concrete road can be super damaging. She should be wearing her helmet from now on out.


Riding practice at the barn where I was “fired” from reading Rowan’s dressage test to her. You have to read each movement at a specific time and yep – I have no idea what I”m doing  –



Menu planning.  I sat while Row rode and planned the next 2 weeks of meals. I’ve been lax these past few months and we spend so much money just running up to the local market to get items for dinner. Usually we go in for one thing and leave with 10 more. I’m working on stopping that. It annoys me and wastes money.  I’m trying to add in a few vegetarian meals to the rotation and I’d really like to have a month’s worth of recipes we all like that I can just repeat each month. Maybe I’ll do seasonal planning. hmmmm.

Tuesday Jaia made me a diary in her art class –



Yes – I am totally aware that it really says “dairy” – we won’t tell though –



And this morning Rowan made scones! They were delicious! -She used this recipe – but without the currants and with chocolate chips 🙂


Bright Blessings



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