Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays

This weekend was the girls birthdays. They are not twins 🙂 but 5 years apart. To a day. Row was born April 6, 1998 and 5 years later her sister Jaia was born 13 weeks premature on April 5th. Obviously not the plan and the first 6 + months of that year sucked big time.

Each year has gotten easier and easier and now my babies are 12 and 17!








Since their birthdays are just one day apart – we usually go out to one dinner but now have 2 separate parties for friends if they want. Dinner choice this year? Sushi!


Where they each had to try the green tea ice cream –


For Rowan’s party, she wanted to have High Tea at the London Tea Room here locally – She invited a friend and the women in our family and had a lovely time drinking tea,  eating cucumber and salmon  sandwiches, cookies, pastries and scones.


It was kind of a crazy weekend since Easter was also Sunday. We are not religious so I was surprised when Jaia said she wanted to hunt eggs. So of course I quickly stuffed some eggs and made Row an “easter” basket –  Rowan is too big for hunting eggs apparently 😦



Rowan hid the eggs while Jaia and my husband ran out for birthday donuts 🙂

Jaia came home to an easter egg hunt and presents to open!





Yep anther doll – I figure this is probably the last one – Since she’s turning 12. I do find that homeschool kids don’t grow out of their playing/imagination phase as quickly as their schooled counterparts –



Jaia’s cake and momma made dinner. – Chocolate cake using this recipe –

with home made butter cream frosting tinted with her choice of yellow yellow!  A birthday privilege since we don’t normally do food colloring 🙂

Dinner was ground beef wellington – a Jamie Oliver original – found in his “Jamie’s Food Revolution” cookbook, green beens seasoned with salt and pepper and tomatoes with capers  – Also in  the food revolution cook book-



Today is Rowan’s day!



Her cake of choice? (under the paper towels cooling) Gooey butter! – recipe here:

Bright Blessings!


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