going, going, going

This week is pretty much nonstop going. Rowan’s birthday was on Monday – 17!! I can’t believe it – Since we’d had her High Tea party on Friday, Monday turned out to be pretty low key. We went to the barn so Row could ride and her dinner of choice? Oh  – the BEST smoked ham ever. Bought from our “local” butcher – –    http://www.bolyardsmeat.com.

It was fabulouis  –

IMG_5205 IMG_5206


Along wight the ham, Rowan  chose  roasted cauliflower, roasted asparagus with proscuitto, and couscous. Her cake of choice? Gooey butter of course!



I used this recipe : -http://abitchinkitchen.blogspot.com/2012/03/gooey-butter-cake.html

Yesterday I was asked/volunteered for going with Row’s class to old north St. Louis. It’s an old part of St. Louis that’s derelict and run down and has a “bad” reputation. Not sure why though – the area really just needs love. We headed to a St. Louis staple – Crown Candy Kitchen – where I bought lots of yummy treats!









IMG_5221 IMG_5220 IMG_5218 IMG_5219


Yesterday Jaia had a private lesson  –

IMG_5235and we hit Target for an hour before the regular dance class where J browsed her favorite section



The binder isle! I have a funny girl 🙂 Loves all things paper, binders, organization, etc…. She spent some birthday money on yet another binder which I refused to buy (she already has something like 4 binders!). She was happy though –

We are still not through with this week! Volunteer time today and feis prep – Tomorrow is homeschooling co-op and our feis trip drive (only 4 hours) Saturday we are at a Feis and Sunday is Jaia’s birthday party! Whew! Then back to normal for my family and this blog of mine.

I do hope everyone is enjoying life 🙂

Bright Blessings!



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