Saturday we Feis -ed

So Friday after our homeschool class, we made the oh so long haul to Kansas City (4 hours) for and inaugural feis – The Sunflower feis. It was their first attempt at holding a feis and I was not horribly impressed. Jaia is dancing Novice, which means she’s “moving up” and will dance later at any given feis. The feis began at 8:30  and we got there at 9:00. NORMALLY, I would say, that she’s then starting by 11:00 ish?? But nope – Not until AFTER LUNCH! So about 12:30 she started competing.  There were hour long waits between some dances, some as long as 1.5 hours. There were empty stage times. There was only one musician for 3 stages. It was crazy.

I did like the venue though, and the fact that all  of J’s friends were dancing on all 3 stages at points during the day and we could sit together and watch, which we NEVER get to do since they are now dancing at a higher level.


The food was good also – the venue was in a high school so they opened the cafeteria for the day. I was able to get a chicken wrap and iced tea! So much better than the usual dried burger, nasty pizza fare at most other feisianna.


It was so long that I literally pulled her from the waiting chairs at 5:40 to leave. They had not started her last dance and there were still 2 other dance competitions to go before her traditional set. I was done and so was Jaia.  At 5 to 6:00 when we finally left the venue they still had not started the dance.

We’ll see if we go next year.

Jaia did pull down a 3rd and a 4th – but you know – her heart isn’t in competing. She could be an awesome dancer but she just doesn’t want to compete – She could care less about that medal, she wants to dance for fun.  I’m trying to feel her out, figure out why –  in our dance school, there’s no “competition only team”, so in order for her to be one of the “go to” performers then she has to be at the PC/OC level. (champion)  Yesterday in talking with her I was trying to get her to see that improving just for dancings sake (not competing) is helpful all the way around and then will carry over into competition naturally.

I guess homeschoolers are naturally competitive? Who knows.

Sunday we had Jaia’s birthday party 🙂 More on that tomorrow and then finally back into the normal routine of things!

Bright Blessings

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