Art projects for class and being adventurous –

Every two weeks or so, I teach a “recycled” art class to a group of homeschoolers in our homeschooling co-op. Actually, I come up with an idea, buy the supplies, and show my group of kiddos. Then they promptly (being homeschoolers) take those supplies and make whatever strikes their fancy. The are a super creative bunch of kids and iit’s actually kinda fun to see what they create each in class – Their favorite by far is making jewelry. But that cannot go on forever because  – well  – I only charged so much for the class to cover supplies and those jewelry making supplies are expensive!

So this week, for our project, we are making trays to hold all of those earrings and necklaces that the kids have been making.

I just had to try it out! The supplies you need are simple – styrofoam trays, tissue paper, newspaper, bags etc…. mod podge and paint brushes.



This was really a super fun and easy project! First I ripped the paper into small pieces. Then going bit by bit, I modpodged and papered the entire styrofoam tray.





Covering each layer with modpodge  –



Covering the sides and back. When it was covered enough to my satisfaction I covered the entire piece in a layering of modpodge –


I let it dry over night and today it looks like this! ——


It’s totally not waterproof 🙂 but I think the kids should be pleased with it –

Also this week I grew sprouts!!


We are aiming to eat healthier in the coming months- Going paleo and/or  eating only whole food –

And we also  all tried Oxtail and sweetbreads. I’ve never eaten either and neither have the girls – but surprisingly they (and I) loved every bite of it! Apparently sweetbreads are a gland in the cow somewhere – I think the neck – that my husband breaded and fried in olive oil.  Looks like a beef “chicken” nugget in the picture –



The food was delicious!!! and I would recommend trying oxtail to anyone if you can get hold of some – I had to ask our very cool butcher several times to get them so I don’t see this on a weekly or even monthly meal plan   – But definitely a winter meal winner!

Hope you days are sun filled!

Bright Blessings

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