A Bit of Self Pity

I am exhausted. Mentally and physically.  And it’s nothing more than our busy life pulling me down.  I have been going and going for days now with nary a day of down time lately. Or so it seems anyway.  Between running and dropping off and picking up – I do believe I’ve spent more time in the car than not.  And in all honesty  – In between dropping off and picking up, I wait.  Waiting is doing nothing but it’s exhausting nonetheless. I’m not a home – I’m away from home and that’s why it’s exhausting to me. And for some reason today it’s all catching up with me.

Anyone else ever feel that way?

It’s not a bad thing, nor does it really anger me or irritate me, but it does make me tired.

This morning I pulled myself out of bed – yoga was at 8:30 which meant I needed to leave about 7:30 to pick up  a friend I’ve been dragging along with me 🙂

My husband, seeing how tired I was, pointed out I didn’t HAVE to go but yes, yes, I did. Yoga is my calm space, my energizing space, my ME space.  It’s where I’m Sarah first and mom a distant second. It’s about ME.  It was fabulous. And then after I dropped my friend off – I went to have lunch with my hubbie.

This afternoon I take Row to the barn to ride her horse and then home again. Running daily doesn’t stop for  a few weeks yet but there has to be an end in sight – right??

Bright Blessings –

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