Make it Monday –

I hope you woke this morning to wonderful sun or gentle rain after a quite night. I am sitting here on my sofa, enjoying the breeze waft through my front window and listening to the birds call back and forth. I don’t live in the country, but I do live in the county portion of St. Louis – with enough wildlife running around that we can enjoy it. Well, maybe all but that skunk that made it oh so stinky last week…….

I am finally enjoying some down time. After all that running last week I declared that I was doing NOTHING on Sunday other than drive my daughter back and forth to the barn.   I got my wish and woke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to go.

(I did end up doing some yard work but I was home so that’s all I needed!)

How my weekend shaped up – Riding lesson on Friday –


Dance recital on Saturday –


Yard work and personal Fritatta’s on Sunday!


Today I’ll show you how we make personal fritattas.

Mushroom and spinach personal fritattas – 

This recipe served 3 people and filled the large muffing cups perfectly.

you’ll need

Three fourths of a package crimini or baby bella mushrooms, an onion or shallot, two cloves garlic, eggs (2 per person), salt and pepper and a seasoning blend.

You’ll also need non stick spray and a large cup muffing tin –


I like this trader joes olive oil spray –


Start by dicing the onion, garlic and mushrooms and sautéing them in a skillet until the onions are translucent and the mushrooms soft.


Season with salt, pepper and your choice seasoning blend.

While this is cooking down, chop you spinach into small pieces, prepare your baking dish and scramble your eggs. Don’t add this to your sautéing veggies!



Just use your own personal scrabbled egg recipe – We like salt, pepper, 21 seasoning salute  and I use water in my eggs instead of milk. Apparently it makes fluffier eggs- or so I’ve read.


Spray your muffin tin with the cooking spray (or use muffin liners if you want. You can also line with puff pastry – YUM! – I’ve never used liners though, so I can’t vouch for wether or not the eggs will stick)


When your pan is sprayed, the eggs are scrambled, the spinach chopped and the onions and mushrooms are soft – then we can assemble 🙂

I like to put the spinach in first – NOT sautéed – put in raw – spinach will cook in the oven..


Then I add my sautéed veggies –


And finally I add my scrambled egg mixture –


We then like to top them off with parmesan cheese or tomato and feta on my fritatta.


Pop them in an oven that was preheated to 425* and let them bake for 20 minutes –



Pull them out and run a butter knife around the edge to dislodge them from the pan – Serve with a side salad, french bread or some delicious pasture raised pork breakfast sausages –  OR all of it if you wish –



I have realized that I haven’t been crafting as much lately  – There’s been more cooking posts. These past 2 weeks or so I’ve felt so crazy busy that cooking was all I could do and that was because I needed to feed my family:) I do love cooking though and enjoy creating and trying new recipes.

I hope to include more crafty make it monday posts in the future 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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