Yay! A bike ride!

Last week as I was running around doing everything for everybody, I was mentally trying to figure out when I can get the bike out at start riding again.  I don’t really like to ride in our neighborhood – there are no bike paths and the drivers! Crazy!

I like to take it to the bike trail where it’s flat and smooth and well traveled an no cars. Currently, however, that involves cleaning out the back of my Sorento 🙂 , taking the front wheel off the bike,  loading the bike, driving to wherever, reassembling the bike, etc….. It’s a little bit time consuming and with our schedule I couldn’t justify trying to fit another ME thing in and ignoring school work or dinner time yet again.

But as you know, Jaia dances. So I take her 2 – usually 3 days a week and while she’s dancing I shop. Yep shop. I’ve bought some useful things for the house and now I think I have about 10 pairs of yoga pants, but normally I wander and browse because well – shopping is boring when it doesn’t have a purpose.

AS I was browsing one evening I came to the brilliant realization that I can load up my bike and RIDE WHILE JAIA DANCES! OMG !

The bike trail is a mere jaunt down from the dance studio and yay! Last night I did it!


I was so proud of myself! I found more hours to eek out ME time and it’s not disturbing anyone else’s schedule – or dinner -or breakfasts etc….


Almost 11 miles.  Not bad for the first time on the bike since OCTOBER! And man does my rear hurt. Those seats are not cushy.

So  – next dance class – Friday 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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