Make it Monday and Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother’s Day! I got to do exactly what I wanted – NOTHING! I went to yoga in the morning and then pretty much lay around for the rest of the day playing silly games on my tablet. My husband did pick up and drop off duty for my daughter, cooked and cleaned the kitchen,  and trimmed the hedge out side Jaia’s bedroom window.

I also had the most wonderful dinner cooked by my amazing husband – Roasted asparagus, sautéed bok choy with peppers, rice and halibut-


I was totally  and completely spoiled yesterday. It was perfect 🙂

I wonder if he realizes that – besides trimming the hedge – he did everything on mother’s day that I do on a typical day? I usually vacuum or sweep on a daily basis, or do laundry etc… He was tired and his shoulders hurt by last evening. LOL!

Today’s make it monday post is a recycled/upcycled one – wine bottles to table water bottles.


A few weeks ago, my husband and I went out for lunch to an awesome local burger joint. They served our water in clear wine like water bottles which they left at the table. My husband and I thought that was a really neat idea and instead of a pitcher of water at dinner, wine bottles would be easier.

You only need a few things – (and this was just a trial mind you! My artwork is less than perfect!)

Wine bottles – any color – we had green but I have two clear ones that I’m emptying this week 😉 You, of course, can make as many or as few as you want –

Painters tape if you don’t want to free hand a design. The painters tape I used to make my stencil.

Enamel paint – I bought mine at Michael’s crafts supply store – and paint brushes of course..


Read the instructions on the little bottle carefully – before you can use the glass/after you’ve painted whatever design on it- you need to cure the paint. By letting it sit for 21 days or baking it for 30 minutes. I chose the baking option…

You could, of course, leave the bottles plain after scraping off the labels, but it’s so much more fun to paint things!

I only chose one color because I had a rain drop design in mind – water bottles + rain/water droplets…. There are so many more colors to choose from  –

First – drink the wine!! Don’t want to waste THAT! Then let the bottle soak for a few hours (or days) to remove the label.


Using a butter knife or plastic scraper – remove the lable –


My brush has a small scraper edge – it worked perfectly for scraping the label off. When it’s off you may need to use a rougher sponge or one of those green pot scrubbers to get the remaining glue and smudge off.


Peel off the top part of the label. One came off easily (paper) and one I had to wrangle with some wire clippers because it was more metal like.

Wash and dry your bottles.

Using painters tape, I stuck several piece together and drew my design..




Cut out the design using a utility knife.  When you have your design cut – stick the painters tape stencil to your bottle –



Paint! I only stenciled one bottle – the other I tried to free hand a design. I don’t like it as much..


I let them sit maybe 10 to 15 minutes before I peeled off the tape and cured the bottles.


Start them in a cold oven, then turn the temp up to 350 and let the bottles bake for 30 minutes.



The finished wine/water bottles! They are awesome! Now that I’ve done this I’m counting how many bottles I have sitting around so I can make some more! You can never have too many water bottles laying around can you? And I’m thinking this may be a fun last project for my recycled art homeschooling class –


We used them for Mother’s Day dinner –

Have fun and Bright Blessings!

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