Painting, painting, painting

Well I’ve caught the painting bug. Spray paint, chalk paint, enamel paint. You name it. Yesterday was an easy day after my trip to the dentist and I spent it sprucing up things around the house.

I chalkboard painted jars for flour –


I used Folkart’s slate grey chalkboard paint  – but I hear there’s a way to make you own with regular paint and plaster of paris! Must try next!




The larger “chalkboard” is for gluten free flour, the smaller for regular flour.

I painted our old fire pit with this silver high heat spray paint – It says its good up to 1200 degrees so we’ll see. I only had a choice of three colors – cream, black or silver.  Silver it was –  and now it reminds me of some ancient greek urn –




It probably needs another coat and I don’t REALLY like the sliver so I may look to see if another store has more options  –

I spray painted this old mirror I discovered at some thrift store/resale shop –


I liked the shape and the texture around the mirror but I hated the gold – So white!




I think the mirror is going to hang on this wall – It had been covered with pictures and since I painted it gray I’m trying to revamp and make it nicer and classier??  That empty space on the right needs something as well – a plant maybe?

And hey! Since I was spraying everything anyway – I took apart a picture frame and started spraying those!


I have to say changing the look of something simply by painting it is exciting! Now I have a running list of everything I’d like to add color to! (or paint white!)  — the shed (ugly powder blue now), the bedroom, the front door, the cheesy shutters on the front of the house, the kitchen table, the chairs, the small amount of siding we have up near the peak of the roof, and I’m waiting for two more wine bottles to be emptied so I can buy more enamel paint and paint those for water bottles!……. oiy  –

My husband is gonna love me –

Bright Blessings –

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