Self suffiency

I will always be thankful to my husband for the ability to stay home and homeschool our girls. I know there are many moms out there who would love the opportunity and can’t.   I am immensely thankful and they are who they are because of homeschooling.

Have I missed some things in their schooling? Absolutely, sure, of course. Math?  not so much.  Science?  maybe.  History? Definitely. (but history is subjective so we won’t get into that).   Is this the end of the world?  NOPE.  At any point in time I know that they can go to the library or google something. Just like I do when I don’t know about a particular subject. Schools only seem to teach what THEY want the kids to learn – not necessarily what they would need out in life or even what they are interested in – but that’s an argument for another day.

Do school actually offer Home Ec anymore?

Some of the things my girls are doing and have been doing for a while is laundry  – Rowan, at 17, does all her own laundry all the time.  Jaia is in the process of learning. They both put their own laundry away. This is not my job anymore.

Cooking – my girls have been cooking for years. (other than instant noodle packages, I don’t remember cooking or baking much when I was growing up)  When they were small I would sit them at the table or counter with a knife (yep a real one) and they would chop and cut right along side me.  (waldorf education coming into play there).  When they were old enough to cook themselves breakfast – I certainly allowed it. I don’t always want to cook scrambled eggs for breakfast!    They are not afraid to cook for themselves, they are not afraid of the stove, and they know how to properly handle a knife.  And they like good food.

We’ve even graduated to lunch cooking –


Here’s Jaia making herself a burger because that’s what she wanted and she didn’t want what I was offering.  Last week she make a chocolate cake –  yum!

Rowan has been helping with dinner cooking for a while as well and will often try new recipes herself –  and now when planning the dinner menu she picks meals to cook for us. Gourmet burgers on the menu for next week! Sauted mushrooms, onions and munster cheese –


Here’s Rowan preparing a full tea to take to the last day of homeschool classes. She made hot tea, chocolate chip scones, johnny crust, lemon tarts, and cucumber sandwiches – complete with dilled cream cheese.

We need to work on cleaning up after themselves.

I know this is really not exclusive to homeschoolers at all and there are many, many other children in the world who cook! KUDOS to them! Cooking is fun and awesome and a great skill to have  –

I look forward to many more meals cooked by my awesome girls. So – they may not know who all the presidents are or physics  – but they will know how to cook and take care of themselves 🙂

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