For you Siracha lovers out there

If your anything like our family – you are fully aboard the siracha sauce bandwagon! I add it to everything (almost) – eggs, soup, catsup, mayo – you name it I may have tried adding it. Rowan even adds it to things now and she doesn’t like her foods as spicy as the rest of us.

Siracha sauce is  starting to hit mainstream items  – bummer! But oh! some of them are so tasty I thought I’d share what I’ve discovered so far.


BBQ sauce with Siiracha sauce! OH yum! Good for french fries, hot dogs (organic of course) and roast chicken –


Discovered at Trader Joe’s –


Siracha salt – discovered at Homegoods or TJ Max. I honestly don’t remember which store, but it adds a nice taste – I sliced zucchinis in quarters, with some olive oil and sprinkled siracha salt on top.


And last – but not least  – Siracha bacon  jerky. Now realizing you have to like bacon in order to like bacon jerky but!


It is quite tasty 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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