First attempt chalk board paint

A couple of weeks ago, while at a homeschool class for Jaia, a couple of the moms were talking about making homemade chalkboard paint.  Homemade chalkboard paint?!  Seriously this talk  – after I just spent $8.00 on that tiny container of black at Joanns!

My friend said she found the recipe on google and it was paint, grout and water. You could also use plaster of paris apparently so that’s what I decided to try.

I used what I had at home already – a sample container of paint, plaster of paris, water, and some frames I wanted to paint for the living room.


I mixed roughly 3 tablespoons of plaster into 1 cup of paint and added 2 tablespoons of water to thin out the paint.


Then I painted 🙂




Each frame took about 2 coats to completely cover the brown and they dried in an hour or two –


I actually love how they came out and the color is fabulous paired with the white frames on my light gray wall! The plaster seems to help the paint adhere to the frames better without the need to sand them. But the chalk board aspect – not so hot. I tried writing on one frame just to see –


You can see where I wrote Rowan’s name and then tried to wipe it off. I’m sure there’s some trick I don’t know yet –  I still love the color though and I have a few more frames I’m going to paint!


Here’s my messy, in progress wall!

Next time I’m going to try the grout recipe  –

Today it’s raining and messy so Jaia and I are hanging out at home watching Little house on the Prairie… I also hear that other frame calling for paint!

Bright Blessing

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