Jaia makes a motivation/goal board

Earlier this week, Jaia made a goal board or motivation board if you will. She’s been both watching a lot of you tube videos of other kids doing crafts and also trying to find a way to motivate herself to improve in her Irish Dancing.

I have seen these done in so many different ways, using magazines, book cut outs, painting, multimedia (my favorite) – this is the way Jaia chose to make hers.

She used a square canvas, paint, glue,   cute little clothes pins we found at Michaels and an adorable motivational scrapbooking piece for the top.



Canvas and paint –




motivational sayings pieces



colored clothespins and tags


She used cute chevron striped name/gift tags as her way of writing down each goal to put on her motivation board.

She started by painting her canvas. She chose her paint colors and design based off the colors of the clothes pins –





After she was finished painting and the paint was dry, she used craft glue to glue the clothes pins where she wanted them to be.



This was my attempt. I really didn’t like how it was turning out so I decided to change it into a Menu board 🙂


Mod podge any letters on if you use them, otherwise they keep falling off!



Jaia’s board on her wall – Some of the goals she has is to improve her dancing and someday make it to worlds! That would be so exciting!


Have you made a motivational/goal board? I’d love to see!

Bright Blessings!


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