Tidying up

I’ve been reading this book the past few weeks:


It’s a fabulous book – about purging really. The gist is very simple – get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy. I’ve been purging using that simple phrase.  If it doesn’t bring me “joy” – which for me means do I like it? Am I using it? When was the last time I DID use it? Then it goes. I’ve been holding on to a lot of things simply because I “liked” them. But when I use that term   – “joy” – I begin to look at things with a critical eye. That purse I bought years ago for $2.00 because I thought it was cool? Have I used it??  Only ONCE! Then in the pile it goes. And why in the world do we have 3! THREE dust mops in the laundry room! (they came with the house really:) – into the pile they go!

This is the pile that’s going with me to good will today –


NOT the bike. – LOL! We just bought that for Jaia to ride –

Old games, too small clothes, shirts that I don’t wear. Shoes that I’ve held onto because “maybe someday I’ll wear them”. When really, meh – my tastes have changed since I bought them 6 years ago!

I even went through my wallet last night! I got rid of  all those punch cards that people hand out to you when you shop. Some are worthless now so out they went!

I can almost feel the house breathing a sigh of relief – It’s beginning to feel LIGHTER and free-er really – If that’s even a word or term.

There’s still tons to go through – this is just the beginning but hey I DID IT!

Bright Blessings!

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