Make it Monday – Necklaces on game pieces!

Whew! Just in time and finally on a Monday right? It’s been crazy here today. We started “summer school” – really finishing what we took our time doing during the school year.  Needless to say, it was a rough day (math issues and lost history book!) So the the girls and I scrapped making dinner and  went out for Mexican food instead- for comfort. 🙂

Today’s project was one I did for my recycled art Homeschool co-op class. Its simple and fun, easy for the kids to do, and usually you can find some of the items you need around the house.


You need a book or map or picture you are willing to part with and cut up, mod-podge, paint brush, jewelry making bails (backs), E6000 glue to glue the bails on,  and a scrabble piece or a domino piece.



Bails – these are glued onto the back of the Domino game piece in order to wear it as a necklace –  You just put a chain or leather piece thought the hole –  I ordered mine off Amazon……

Paging through the book, or map or picture or sticker……… find a small picture that will fit (mostly) the size of the domino. .



Trim to size –


Spreading a thing layer of modpodge onto the domino –


Center your picture onto domino –


Spread a thing layer of modpodge all over the top of the picture, making sure to go around the edges so the picture doesn’t rip up.


Let this sit and dry – less than 30 minutes. When the modpodge is dry, flip the game piece over and put a dot of E6000 glue at the center top where you’ll attach the bail.


Place the bail in the center  – and let it dry!



Thread a chain etc… through the opening and there you go! Simple and fun.  I think this might be a good going away gift for someone – simply use a map cut out of the are they are moving FROM – so they always have a memory of their time there.


Or maybe a map of someplace you’d like to visit, a favorite tourist attraction you visited on vacation, a favorite book quote. So many ideas. You can also use scrabble pieces, but I find the smaller pictures are much harder to find – however you can make a simple initial necklace by finding the letter to your first name and gluing a bail to the back.  Easy 🙂

I hope everyone is well! Tomorrow we go blueberry picking with friends!!

Bright Blessings –

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