Make it Monday – Emoji pillow with zippered back

We had an awesome weekend this past weekend. Rowan had her very first show on her mare Pharma and came away with 2 first place ribbons –


We are super proud of her for all her hard work!

Jaia and I worked late into Sunday night to make our “make it monday project” – you know 9:00 late 🙂

Emoji pillow!


It’s pretty simple really –  You’ll need for your pillow – one yard of yellow fleece, 1/2 yard of brown fleece, a zipper (or not- you don’t have to have the zipper in the back), a round pillow form (form Joann’s, 14 inches), a sewing machine, thread etc…


First cut out 2 circles of yellow fabric – large enough to fit around the pillow. My pillow was 14 inches so I made my circle 15 inches. I was lucky enough to have a plate about the size I need –


Other wise  – this is the method I usually use –

After that is cut just set aside the circles for a minute –


Make a mouth and eye pattern by folding a sheet of paper in half and drawing 1/2 of your design along the fold


First attempt – Our final face looked slightly different –


Actually – not final because I told Jaia there was no way I can sew those teeny-tiny eyes onto the face. She brought me the final eyes right before I sewed them on.

Cut the shapes out of the brown fleece – using your paper patterns you created – Pin them to the front of the pillow and sew –


After the face was sewn on – I added the zipper to the back. I wanted the zipper because I wanted to be able to wash the pillow emoji case –  I chose a zipper that was longer than the pillow so I had some extra to play around with. I also think it’s easier to sew a zipper that’s too long than to try to adjust a pattern for a zipper that’s too short. Doable of course, I just didn’t want to mess with that. Some times it’s also difficult to find a zipper that matches the exact length you need.

I took the back piece and cut it down the center. I then pinned the zipper to the outside of the fabric because Jaia wanted the zipper to be visible.



Pinning from the inside –


Right side of the back of the pillow. Sew the zipper into place –


When the zipper is secure – Pin the front and the back of the pillow together – right sides facing. Leave the zipper opened about halfway down the center of the pillow. We want a way to be able to turn the pillow right sides out –

IMG_6035 IMG_6036

When the front and back are sewn together – trim any loose threads and the loose zipper ends.




Insert pillow –




Zip it closed and yay! Happy Emoji pillow!

IMG_6044 IMG_6047

Jaia now has big dreams for more Emoji pillows – Pink ones with heart eyes, purple devil ones. If she asks me to make a thumbs up emoji pillow I’m making a run for it! J is just gonna have to learn how to make her own pillows!

If you DON’T WANT A ZIPPER you don’t have to insert one. Simply sew the front onto the back after you’ve sewn the eyes and mouth onto the front. Sew it 3/4 of the way around, leaving an opening to squish the pillow into. Whip stitch the pillow closed.

Oh- and I made FREEZER JAM for the first time last week! Using all those blueberries we picked. I was so easy and so much fun! I’m going to have to make more. Strawberry this time and I’ll take pictures!

Bright blessing!

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