A week in the life – OR – humdrum days

A glimpse into our  fabulously, slow, boring week.

We’ve been doing school work –


We broke rank from our normal routine and went swimming with friends. I came away with an awful sunburn!


We went to the barn late one evening. We’ll go later in the day or first thing in the morning during  the summer heat waves.




We said “good bye” to some friends who are starting a new life.


I sent some of our girls most favorite books from when they were younger (for their almost 2 year old), and a goodie bag of seeds, homemade salve and chapstick.

The girls reminisced before I sent the books to their new home –


We also said “good-bye” to these cuties that nested under our carport.



Someone started reading “The Hobbit”


And I discovered a “soda” that I will drink – gladly.


I  hosted an essential oil learning gathering.



Where somehow we ended up on the floor (rather than at the kitchen table or on the sofas)  talking about the oils we need and looking through my friends HUGE stash of oils. Awesome oils really – I think my wish list is somewhere up towards $500.

I finally attacked the basement. Yes it’s this messy.  That corner? My sewing area. I usually drag my sewing machine up to the kitchen table and use the living room floor for cutting and pinning. Someday this will be finished 🙂


The basement will come last because Yay! I finally started painting our bedroom!


I’m so excited!

Every so often I mentally need one of these weeks where we do “nothing” and go nowhere. I’m an introvert at heart so as much as I LOVE going out and being with awesome friends, there are times when I need the quite, and the solitude to recharge.

Next week  – I’m sure- We’ll be back to our crazy, hectic, busy lives –

Bright Blessings


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