Make it Monday – the easiest 18 inch doll blanket ever!

Jaia has a plethora of dolls – 7 I think. Each doll has a bed and a blanket and it used to be that each and every night, Jaia would  go down and tuck the girls in before bed. It was so cute!  Jai is getting older now so these days of tucking dolls in or creating large doll “homes” in my basement are becoming fewer and fewer 😦 Although currently I have a ginormous doll house across half of my basement – rooms taped off and everything.


I love/hate this actually. I only dislike it because – well – half of my basement is COVERED with a doll house. But I love the fact that she still plays  – I think imagination is an awesome thing and it seems that buy 12 – most girls aren’t “playing” anymore.  So if it’s between boys and playing dolls – I’ll take the dolls any day!

Jaia wanted a new doll blanket so I went ahead and whipped one up for her. It took 15 minutes and it’s really easy enough that Jaia could do it herself.

You need just a few things. A bandanna, a coordinating piece of fleece the same size, scissors, pins and sewing machine.


Open the bandanna and the fleece and line them up together – RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER!


Pin and trim the excess if you have it. If you don’t have any excess – the fabrics are the same size then Yay! Pin:)

My  bandanna ended up being slightly larger than the fleece, but that is okay! Just pin it and trim off that extra piece – making sure it’s at least 15 inches wide.

Sew around the edge – maybe 1/8 inch – Leaving about a 5 inch opening at one end so you can turn it right sides out.

IMG_6233Trim the corners close to the stitching, but don’t cut the stitching!


Turn right sides out, making sure the corners are poked out –


Fold the fabric back into the opening so it lines up evenly with the edge and pin it closed.


Top stitch around the edge – keeping fairly close to the edge so the hole doesn’t come open.


And voila!


This is also a fun and quick gift for those girls who have American Girl dolls – make a matching pillow with the leftover fleece and you have a tidy little bed set for your dolls!

I hope everyone is staying cool this hot and humid days!

Bright Blessings!

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