A Phenomenal Show Weekend!

Rowan participated in her first two horse shows these past 2 weekends. They were her “first official” shows on her mare Pharma. Pharma is an Arabian/trakehner cross and Rowan has owned her for going on 2 years now.  We moved Pharma last August from our old barn to a new barn so Row could work with a trainer who trained specifically in Dressage. I have to admit that was the best decision we ever made.


After a year of lessons and learning new techniques and UN-learning some bad habits – Row was ready for her first shows. Itching really – to get started – to jump right in.

I admit that I had a few hesitations. I wasn’t sure my girl was ready and I did’t want any losses to be a deterrent or let a down. I wanted to protect my biggest.

Well I was totally and absolutely wrong and I admitted so to Rowan.


IMG_6214 IMG_6213


IMG_6205 IMG_6209 IMG_6204IMG_6165

Three ribbons, THREE first places and then overall high points for the show in dressage! I was so absolutely proud of my girl and still am and really haven’t stopped bragging yet about it. (obviously)  No score under 70 in the show on the 12th and the lowest was 66 the previous weekend  –


Check out this article on scoring – I was totally confused as well 🙂  Rowan, on her tests, scored out of a total 160 points on tests A and B received 119 and 114 points respectively and for test C  she received 140 out of 200.

In other words – amazing!

Still braggin.

Bright Blessings!


  1. Liz

    Fantastic Rowan!! So proud if you! And very good letting go Sarah! Obviously she knows what she’s doing and all her hard work is paying off. What an awesome confidence builder!! Love your support for your girlies 💖


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