A question

It’s Wednesday and so that poses a question – Why on Wednesday? Well  – why not?

What are you doing that is special for YOU today?

I know we moms generally put our own needs last and I’ve learned the very absolute hard way, that, that is NOT good nor healthy for me OR my husband OR my family.

No need to necessarily reply. Just sit and think. Take a moment to make sure you, at some point and time during each and every day, are doing something that is just for YOU. For your health and mental well being. Even if that includes sitting in a darkened room in silence for 10 minutes.

So – putting myself “first”. Yoga is a must. A simple cup of coffee after yoga. Claiming the bed to myself while my husband is traveling and not allowing Jaia to sneak in. A show, a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate (or ice-cream +berries) after the girls are in bed.  Reading.

I’d like to start using this blog to not only show our lives and what we are crafting for Mondays, but to also hold ME accountable for my own personal growth. Something I need to not forget and to really put first in my life so my home life, my husband, my kids are happy and healthy and my home is clean and welcoming.

Bright Blessings

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