Make it Monday – Air plant pots


I absolutely love air plants! Have you seen them before? They are small (or large) plants that don’t need to be in soil to grow, and only need watering about 2 times a week.


To make small pots to hang them in  – you will need Sculpey dough – (don’t use that Fimo dough – after 30 minutes of holding and kneading it still was not soft or pliable enough for me to use).


suction cups with hooks attached (or magnets and E6000 glue)


a rolling pin (covered in parchment paper), and something to cut circles with – I used 2 glasses from my cabinet.



This larger glass worked great and it’s about 4 inches across.

Making pots is easy and fun. Simply knead a portion of the sculpey clay -( 2 bars was the perfect amount for what I needed ) until soft and pliable and roll out until it’s about 1/8 inch thick




Cut a circle out with a glass – and you are then going to cut 1/4th of the circle out.


Fold it up at the seams and pinch it together – I pressed it against the table to make sure the back would lay flat against the wall when I hung it up. I wanted a flat backed cone shape –



Press it flat and kind of pinch the “corners” of the cone shape to give it more structure for hanging.

Using a straw or a kebob stick – poke a hole in the back portion so you can insert the hook from the suction cup. Or you could not put a hole in it and glue a magnet onto the back.



This white one I made by again rolling and cutting out a circle –


But instead of cutting any of it, I simply folded the bottom up to meet the top and pressed the seams closed. Again pressing it against the table so the plant holder had a flat back –


I also made a simple pinch pot pot for the larger, flat plant.


Bake according to the package directions – @ 275* for 15 minutes per 1/4 inch thickness.


After they’ve baked and cooled, wiggle the hook through the hole (you may need a pliers to widen the hook a bit to get it through), or glue the magnet onto the back letting the glue set for a few hours.





Finding the perfect place for these little plants is the hardest of the job. They are small 2 to 3 inches across, so I wanted to find the “perfect” spot for them!

I really liked this one here –


on my bedroom window sill and I think I may make a few (like 9!) more pots to go across the window sill and then put plants in each one.


Bright Blessings and I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL  Father’s day!

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