Today’s Question

How are you taking time or RECOGNIZING time and or places that CAN bring you peace?

Every Tuesday and Thursday I take Rowan to the barn. Those are her dedicated barn “riding days”. She goes Saturday and Sunday to work and ride but I don’t stay. Tuesday and Thursday are the days we’ve dedicated to her getting to go ride Pharma to improve on her lessons and in her riding skill.  I am usually the one taking her and so while she rides  – I sit.


Each evening I go, actually dreading the “wasted” time where I sit and do nothing. Or I menu plan or I read, but I’m not thankful for that time.  Last night was different – Last night as I sat under the darkening sky I realized that the time I spend just sitting, reading, planning or preparing for lessons is also a blessing. It can be a time of contemplation, of meditation, of quiet peacefulness within my self while doing those things.

So last night as I sat and read – I enjoyed the silence and the peace that was gifted to me.




Peeking at Rowan while she rides –


Enjoying the beautiful gift Mother Nature was kind enough to share with us last night.

As busy as our lives can be with 2 girls getting to follow 2 completely different passions – I have to remember to cherish those times of silence I am gifted while I wait.

A ever so simple, change of a thought pattern, from using one word – wasted – to another word – gifted, brought a totally different perspective to what was going on around me.

So where can you find time in your busy schedules to find gifted time?

Bright Blessings


  1. Liz

    I have another word that I came across yesterday also. Unhurried. I am an unhurried mamma. I like to chat with the checker at the grocery store. I love making small talk with someone at a gas station while filling up. I love asking a question to someone when I’m in a new place and watch them light up with loads of information for me. I’m unhurried. Open to whatever the world is ready to give me at that time. To just be in the moment. We are gifted! I will not be in a hurry to enjoy my gifts! ♡


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