Today’s question

What are you doing to grow your body? What type of exercises are you doing? Can you find the time to squeeze in one more day? One more hour? One more block of time to exercise.

And why is this important?

I do yoga. I find it funny, and very difficult, to call myself a yogini, but in actuality, that’s what I am. I start my day know if there is a yoga class I can fit in – Or not. And often times I plan activities around when my classes are. Rowan goes riding in the evening so I can go to my favorite classes in the morning. Field trips? After yoga (unless it can’t be helped that is). Grocery shopping? After yoga.  I try to hit the yoga studio anywhere from 2 to 4 or 5 times a week and the remaining days I try to get a good bike ride in.

And I love it. And I try to share it with friends – (except my children – that’s MY time away from them)  It’s a passion of mine that I can’t let go. It’s funny because my husband is heading to Colorado next week and asked if I wanted to go. Of course I said YES (but we’ll see if the plan works out that is). What will I do when he’s working he asks.  Yoga.

I’m sure there are no end to yoga classes in Boulder –

Why is this important? For me – it keeps me grounded, keeps me from being grumpy, bitchy, nit-picky (sometimes). It helps me identify with being a woman rather than JUST being a MOM. That title I held religiously for years and it nearly destroyed me. I was mom first and nothing else. Yoga helps me be woman first sometimes. It grows confidence. It makes me smile.  It makes my  body healthy and strong.

I also ride. Riding is exhilarating and freeing. It grows stamina and muscle and confidence as well.  Ride time is alone time. Thinking time. Peace time.

So – what do you do that grows your body and why is that important to you?

Bright Blessings

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