Make it Monday – cork board picture frame

I was eyeing one of those cute cork boards within a picture frame the other day but was too cheap to actually spend the $10.00 on it (lol!) and then I realized that I have all of the supplies laying around my house to make one of my own!


You need a frame (ours was free from the up cycle exchange store moving “sale”).


Spray paint if you don’t like you frame –


A piece of cork board – this was from a project we did last year where we made hanging cork boards for a tween bedroom  – Jaia was done with it so I repurposed it. They sell these squares in packages of 4 at Target or a business supply store.



The project came together nicely and I’m pleased with the results –

First – take the glass out of the picture frame and spray paint the frame on a protected surface. Outside is best 🙂


After it’s dry, flip the frame over so it’s upside down on the cork and trace the inside of the picture frame onto your piece of cork – or do this before you paint – it makes no difference what you do first.

IMG_6558 IMG_6560

Trim the cork to fit .

Put the back of the picture frame into the frame and secure it.


Cover the inside with glue and place your cut to fit piece of cork on the glue –



I just used tacky glue –


Turn it right side down and place a few heavy books on it to help the glue dry flat –


See Rowan- that geometry DOES come in handy!

When it’s dry turn it over and hang! (or set on your desk if the back does not have a hanger –


Cute huh? Jaia wants one now and you can use any size frame!

Enjoy the day!

Bright Blessings

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