What’s your word?

Ever since I began yoga and my year of ongoing growth – they’ve asked at each (almost) class they’ve asked for a focus word for the day. A word to work towards, a word to set the tone for the class or day or week.

My focus word has been ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance to go with the flow, to accept the changes I possibly couldn’t help or change or stop the process of.  I was going through some pretty “major” depression I guess you’d call it, a year ago. Not doing anything for myself and resenting everyone around me because of it.  It was ruining the relationship I had with my girls and most of all my husband.

My mantra has been acceptance and I’ve come to realize that no matter what life likes to throw my way – acceptance is the key.

Not that I don’t change what needs to be changed mind you. (I’m working on it) But in order for me to change something, I need to accept whats happening to begin with and go from there.

I am still growing day by day (my husband would say not fast enough), but change is hard.

I believe that I am ready to give up the word of acceptance and chose another goal word to work on. Growth.

What is your mantra word?

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