Movies –

Thoughts on movies for kids? Do you regulate what your kids watch? Why or why not? I definitely still regulate what Jaia watches. She’s only 12 after all and there are some things she still does not need to see. I feel that Row is now old enough at 17 (really at 15 ish she could decide mostly)  to decide what she’d like to watch or not and does a fairly decent job. Row and her dad watch a lot together 🙂

We/I  just don’t normally watch a ton of movies in our home so it’s not a priority to watch each and every new release that comes out.

We did go see Inside Out earlier in the week. I loved it! And it made me cry. It’s a movie about growing up and recognizing that it’s OKAY to have feelings and to be sad – and to SHOW  those feelings rather than hiding them away.

I watched 16 Candles the other night – thinking THAT would be a fun movie to watch with my girls. NOPE!


It’s rated R for a reason! I did not realize that when I began watching the movie. So many inappropriate things! OIY!

Some of our favorite movies  –

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (yep Rowan too)

Pride and Prejudice (Jaia)

Sense and Sensibility (jaia)

Nanny McFee (both movies and both girls)

ANY Miyazaki movie – Totoro is my favorite 🙂

What are your favorite movies for your kids?

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