Make it Monday

Club Sandwiches – it’s whats for dinner –


Jaia is on a club sandwich kick – silly girl. So when I ask what each of them want for dinner – this is what she requests. And they are super easy –

Bread – toasted or not. I like mine not toasted, Jaia tosses her bread in the toaster first for a light browning .


Mayo with Siracha sauce, sliced turkey, tomato on one slice of bread; avocado smashed on the other half.


Bacon – it must have bacon –


I like to add spinach. Put the top on the bottom, slice in half and voila! You have a very tasty dinner (or lunch! Or breakfast even).

So this happened over the weekend –


Six Flags – Our family does a yearly trip to this local amusement park once a summer. We get there pretty much when the doors open and leave when they are starting to turn out the lights. We ride almost every ride and have lunch there as well (yuck). And other than the food –  It’s  a total blast. I’ve tried convincing my family that we should take a cooler with sandwiches etc and sit outside and eat but for some reason they just don’t want to. Next year I think I’ll do this regardless, it’s  better food and I can take iced tea that doesn’t cost me $5.00 a cup!

And then this –


This is Pixel. Rowan’s new puppy.  And our menagerie just grew.

Bright Blessings!

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