How do you handle stress?

In my quest for growth this year, in improving myself and  – in turn –  the relationships around me, I am struggling with how to handle stress. Not the everyday, what’s for dinner, type of stress; but the “the tween is crying and throwing a temper tantrum”,  or the “what exactly is the checkbook balance!” and definitely the “did I/am I teach(ing) my girl enough?” stress.

Yoga helps immensely so I make sure I go several times a week, and so does being able to get out and ride, but there needs to be more. For some of my stress is in also trying to figure out how to “fit those in” for myself.

For a while I was meditating daily and as hard as that was for me to sit in complete quite for 15 or so minutes, I realize now how calm that made me through out the day. I’m thinking , honestly, that now will be a good time for me to reintroduce this particular practice into my daily routine. If not daily, then at least regularly.

As I read this – I giggle internally as I picture my husband shaking his head in frustration. He’s been telling me to do this for years but it’s only now, with my personal growth, that I see the need.

I also need to do this because wine is not a solution for all problems. 🙂

So – today’s question – How do YOU handle stress?

Bright Blessings

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