Summer Lovin’

We are all FINALLY on the mend now. Some of us have deep coughs and some don’t. I am behind on planning for school, make it monday and menu planning. There are mountains of laundry to sort through and I have dust bunnies in all the corners of my house; my kitchen floor needs mopping.   I feel like I am completely messing so many things up. It’s time for me to regroup and “start over” – mentally.

Our short stay-cation was wonderful. Family time together and we got to do things we don’t normally do. Mini-golf and go carts which Rowan actually loved! Fishing which Jaia loved but Row ended up not. And our first ever float trip was a complete success.




IMG_6790 IMG_6794 IMG_6792 IMG_6795 IMG_6797


Rowan loved being on the front and did a wonderful job (mostly) of steering us away from all the trees – except once or twice at the get go when she was launched off the front of the raft. We all ended up laughing hysterically. A canoe trip is next on the list – the girls liked it so much.

I’ll be getting things back in order this week. Regularly posting to grow my blog and continuing to work on myself. After a week of sickness yoga is back on the schedule tomorrow!

Bright Blessings  –

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