Prepping for Home School

I am in the beginning stages of figuring out what the girls will be studying this year. I’m behind because we schooled, for the most part, throughout the summer. So my timing is off and very skewed.  Rowan doesn’t care what we do, but this is her last year of school, so I need to sit down and make sure we have all the basics covered.  She’ll be taking Algebra and Photography again through HomeLink.  Science will be anatomy/physiology using this book I think  –

We do really need to focus on writing this year. I’ve not done anything with her simply because she hated it and I never wanted to push it. But I’m thinking of jumping in using this curriculum –

Jaia will start this year with #3 I think of the same book.

I’m trying to locate a good, complete, secular science curriculum for jaia – I really like this one:

It’s a complete set – books, kits and everything. It’s just pricy and my husband is balking at the cost.  I find I do better overall, if I have a complete kit to work from rather than trying to piece things together.

And since J got her very first lap top a few weeks ago – a good typing program is in order.

Spelling of course, and math for Jaia although I need to do some more research on programs – math is not Jaia’s strong subject at all.

Does anyone have any favorite curricula that they use? Math?

I always enjoy this part of the year. Searching for that “perfect” book or curricula that will work for each child for an entire year.  I do wish we had a good homeschooling book store where I could sit and look and pick and choose.  Oiy – but we don’t and sometimes you just can’t see enough online to be satisfied. You tend to make the best choice you can.

Bright Blessings –

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