Failing projects

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I thought I’d share some of the projects that I’ve started but abandoned due to them JUST NOT WORKING OUT! You know there’s always a project or two in the works here and sometimes they just don’t go the way I want them to so they are abandoned for other pursuits. Sometimes I am able to “do-over” a project and sometimes I just have to trash them.


Decorated clip board. I totally did not realize that the chalk paint I purchased was not, in actuality, paint! It was a wax meant to be wiped off after painting – I just need to go buy a real paint so Jaia can finish this project.


The same with this one –


The cool Hex bug  I found on clearance at Target just wasn’t going together per the instructions. Needed to set it aside for a day or so and will attack it again this weekend.


Chalk board painted glasses – I wanted to do these so we can write our names on them. We are a family of 4 and I kid you not, we can go through all 8 glasses in one day! Simply because a child or husband grabs a glass out of the cabinet but then does not go hunt it down to reuse it. They just grab another clean one. The paint was just too thin so I think I need to find better chalk board paint – or give up. I haven’t decided yet – lol!


I was trying to poke holes in the top of this upcyled bottle to make a “watering can”. It did not work. The lid split all over. Ended up in the recycling bin 🙂


A work in progress. Not abandoned but set aside for now – trying to figure out how to create an oil carrier zippered pouch for a friends essential oils.

So we are not completely sitting around twiddling thumbs:) Sometimes our projects are just not working out for us.

Bright Blessings!

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