So So Behind

This was supposed to be yesterdays post, but for no apparent reason I am so so behind. I have no excuses – other than, well, lack of motivation. Working on getting that oomph back.

We’ve been “renovating” the girls rooms this past month.  Just paint, new curtains etc… It’s taking a while since I am leaving the painting portion mostly up to them and well, if it takes them forever to paint a wall because they don’t want to move the bed or rat cage, then I can’t do anything about that now can I? 🙂 Silly girls.  And there are no curtains being made until the walls are painted!

We’ve been repurposing things to use in Jaia’s room, a new color calls for new decorations right?? – an old cork board, some chalk board paint on the wall. We’d also had this square metal “plates” for lack of better word, from an old lamp that had three tiers.

IMG_6863I though they’d work great in Jaia’s room to hold pictures and mementos  and what not. We decided to spruce up the magnets though, they were boring and blah. It’s a simple project. You need something to glue onto the magnets, E6000 glue and paint if you choose to paint the magnets first.



We used glass “gems” – we called them dragon tears in the renaissance festival. The Fairies would drop them all over the faire grounds and the kids would be soooo excited when they found them.

They are also the glass stones that you’d put in a glass with cut flowers or in a fish tank. The magnets were from our local big box fabric/craft store.

Jaia decided to paint the magnets first since the gems are see through –


We let those dry and then dabbed each one with a tiny amount of E6000 glue.



Pressing the flat part of the stone to the magnet – let it dry for a few hours.




You can use anything to spruce up ugly magnets. Fabric, buttons, scrabble letters, beads!

Bright Blessings!

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