Books on my Nightstand

On any given day I have a book to read. Or several books and sometimes even – no books. Here are some of the books I have on my night stand THIS week – I am not finished with any of them yet though 🙂 I am certainly enjoying them so far.

The non-fiction books I’m reading –


Awesome book – how to be a goddess – taking matters into your own hands, not losing yourself.  ETC.


How to be a yoga goddess. This has opened the door for me to learn about Chakras, the Eight Limbs of yoga and to start mediating again.


Basically get rid of anything and everything that does not bring you joy. I’ve weeded through my clothes already but I realize that we don’t have nearly as much “crap” as others do. Oh – I have tons of things we don’t really need – but at the same time we don’t have all sorts of extra cups or lighters. I constantly have some sort of bag started for goodwill – clothes that don’t fit, clothes that one daughter wore but is not the others style etc…..

And of course there’s a few fiction books in the works –


Weird book – a story wrapped in a story and all related somehow apparently – I haven’t figured out the connection yet –


Haven’t REALLY started it yet but I can’t wait to dive in and the first page is completely catching.

And of course – complete fluff –


Mindless, romantic, fluff that’s the “i’m going to read in bed” book – A fun read.

What book are on YOUR nightstand?

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