Make it Monday!! Medal holder

Yay! I am on top of things this week – hopefully my crafty mojo is coming back. I have so many ideas but I am just completely overwhelmed by my disaster of a craft/sewing corner that I have down stairs. I need to purge, purge, purge and then ORGANIZE! But first things first – Make it Monday!

Today we are making an irish dancing medal specific craft. But I’m sure you can make this for ANY type of medals you or your children may get in their chosen sport.

Sometimes when Jaia gets a medal from a feis (irish dance competition – pronounces fesh), they don’t come on ribbon. OH you can PURCHASE a ribbon and the last feis they were $3.00 a pop but honestly I”m too cheap and Jaia takes all the medals off the ribbons anyway.  She’s been keeping the medals in an old cigar box but I wanted her to have a way of displaying her medals.

There is a vendor that makes huge medal holders shaped like a hard shoe or a dancer – but it doesn’t quite fit in with our taste aesthetic – so I decided to make our own.

It’s take just a little bit of time but in an hour or so you can have a medal holder as well.  You need a pre-cut board from a craft store like Joanns’ or Michaels – paint – whatever color you want. Small sawtooth hangers for the back of the holder and medal hooks for the actual medals. You can get these at Joann’s as well – I found them in the curtain isle as curtain tie back hooks OR at Home depot as tea cup hooks. It’s important to make sure the medal hole fits onto the hook.


The first thing I did was spray paint those little hooks. I despise anything gold colored – so they quickly got a white makeover. (you would not believe HOW MUCH gold crap – stuff was in this house when we purchased it – door knobs, kitchen lights ugg!)


While the hooks are drying – Add your saw tooth hanger onto the back of the wood shape –


Make sure it’s centered and level. I added some E6000 glue to the flaps before I nailed it – Carefully nail it down.


Now – flip the wood shape/ medal holder over and paint. I used what I had on hand at home –



I squiggled it, painted, and then added a second coat to which I had added some glitter paint. You can’t really see the glitter paint but oh well.



Let it dry.

Personalize it if you wish – I had made this Irish Dance stamp months ago so Jaia wanted me to place that on the board.


She chose fluorescent orange  paint – glow in the dark  –  I don’t know if it’s going to glow or not but it’s fun to try!




You can make your own stamp, buy a stamp, use a stencil, a paper cut out and mod podge it on – stickers – so many different options. You can also gear it to the sport you or your child is in – other dance types, dressage 🙂 (but they get ribbons) etc…..

After the paint has dried, lay the medals out on the board in the order that you would like them to be when they are hanging. 


Use a pencil, and in each hole, make a tiny dot – this is where you’ll screw in the tiny hooks –


Now you can carefully screw in the hooks. Since this wood is a soft wood, I did not have to pre drill any holes – Just a gentle, firm pressure does it –



Keep going until all your dots have hooks  – I need 2 more hooks! Darn – I thought I had enough – oh well.

Hang and decorate with all the medals you have!




I need to make another apparently – this is only half of the medals Jaia has and I know there some girls who have many, many more medals – But you can make several medal holders and have them hanging in groups or around the house –

This medal holder cost less that $20 to make and I always make sure I have a coupon when shopping at Joann’s:) Things are better when they are on sale!

Bright Blessings!


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