Sunday after yoga, Jaia insisted we play legos. She had found her stash up in her closet as she was cleaning it out. There’s not a lot left. Most of that was my stash as a young girl. The pink – Jaia’s.


We played for about an hour or so – As I hopped up and down periodically to be in charge of puppy duty.


We built houses. Each of us designing our own, while we listed to Piano Guys on the computer.


I loved legos when I was a young girl. I would sit and play for hours, building houses, creating furniture – fridges, sinks, ovens and what not.  I believe  you can buy them all now and my little stack of legos with its drawn on drawer handles looks so sad and old.

I would draw my houses down on paper and file them away. I had dreams of becoming an architect. Then I found how much math it involved and math was not and is not my strong point.

We sat together and enjoyed each others company – Until Jaia decided we should watch an episode of Gilmore Girls.  Such a dichotomy – playing legos one minute, watching Gilmore Girls the next.

I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Bright Blessings

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