Science Center Fun

With public and private schools back in session, it’s now our time to get out and have some fun!

We have some pretty amazing fun things here in the Lou – And most of them are FREE! Zoo, Art museum, Science Center, History Museum  – There are things within each spot that you CAN pay for , but don’t have to.  I spent many hours at each place when my girls were younger – playing, running, exploring. There are always spots for free parking and if you pack a lunch you can have hours of entertainment for nothing!

Also when you don’t have to pay for parking or an entrance fee, it makes affording what you do pay for that much easier. The children’s zoo (which by the way is free the first hour of the zoo’s being open each day!), the train, discovery room etc… You get the idea.

On Wednesday, Jaia and I joined some friends in playing at the Science Center –

It was loads of fun and since it had been a while since Jaia and I had visited, we got to explore all the new exhibits for the first time!


Overpass connecting the Planetarium with the main building – Crosses over HWY 40.


Nano technology exhibit. All I could think about was that movie with Johnny Depp where they use Nano technology – Transcendence.



Dinosaurs –


Tesla Coil.



Science Lab – solving crimes!

IMG_6963 IMG_6967


Maker studio – kind of –


Cool 3-D printer working – We could see how they “print”. It was pretty awesome.

We’re enjoying the cooler weather that’s invading our area for a while. I’m NOT complaining. I love this weather – the windows are open.

Next week maybe we’ll grab some more friends and hit the zoo!

Bright Blessings!

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