Make it Monday

OH my It’s a beautiful day here in Missouri! I’ve had the windows open and a breeze is flowing through the house. Last night I slept with the window open and it was Heavenly!

I am a fall weather gal! The jeans, layering, being the “just right temperature” – not too hot, not too cold.  I can’t wait – and then there’s Halloween!

Ah – but I’m getting sidetracked. Today is Monday – Yesterday  ( Sunday) was a dull day, a boring day, a relaxing day. Rowan went to work at the barn, Jaia spent the whole day with friends. I had a whole hour alone! I watched TV for a change – catching up on Gilmore Girls and worked on todays craft idea.

Todays craft I actually discovered in one of my favorite magazines  – Green Craft – and I though It would make a great project for my recycled art class I’m offering again this semester for our homeschool group. I decided to try out and see how it works –  You are using old baby board books to make photo albums or memory books. It’s a fun craft and I can see doing this like at a camp and taking pictures to fill the book up all week.

You need – board books, paint, paint brush, things to decorate your book; scrap fabric, lace, buttons, game pieces, scrapbooking items.  It’s a simple, easy,  project.


I just used acrylic paints –


I hit goodwill for the books – $.50 a book.

You don’t have to do anything to prep the book before you paint – simply paint each page, front and back. It takes some maneuvering to paint each page. If you lay it down they’ll stick together, but luckily – board books stand up!





I love to play with paint – so when I noticed the white wasn’t covering the pictures with one coat, I mixed in some purple to give it some fun color and to help hide the pictures. So give the book 2 coats of paint. Let it stand to dry for about an hour or so.

Using whatever you have laying around – decorate the cover of your book –


I have scrap fabric pieces, flower “ribbon”, game pieces, puzzle pieces –


(monthly scrap booking boxes I was ordering for a while – yoga is a much better spend of my money 🙂 )


I used E6000 glue to glue on my decorations, but I’m sure a glue gun would do the trick wonderfully.

Choose your pictures and glue them to the inside pages –


I like to trim my pictures – give them shape and cuts out unnecessary mess behind the subject 🙂


I had to search for pictures! I don’t normally get any printed up because everything is digital – but occasionally I do. I found a few old pictures to put in my book – these are Rowan and Jaia from 2 years ago?

I think this project will be a hit!

Bright Blessings!

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