Learning more about yoga

I’ve debated writing this post all day  today – and really any post about yoga and personal growth. I had originally started this blog in order to chronicle my growth since I was going through a rough patch a year ago. This blog is growing itself and has many different faces. It is changing as I change. Our life is chaotic after all 🙂

I am going to yoga as many times a week as I can. I wish I could go more often, but sometimes life gets in the way. The children have their passions and I can’t ignore them ALL the time to go play on my mat 🙂

When I began yoga – I thought (as do so many others) that yoga was simply a series of stretches done on a yoga mat with a lovely resting period or meditation at the end of a class. I was wrong.

My husband made the comment once  – to not just DO yoga but BE a yogini. Embrace ALL aspects of yoga. Embrace it, bring it home, live it and love it.

Thus began my learning – especially as I am learning and growing myself as a woman, not just a “mom”.

As I’ve been reading – and I’ve probably only made a tiny, small, dent in all there is to read – I realized that in some ways I already practice some of these paths.

Read on my friend –

There are Eight Limbs of yoga – Limbs are like paths or practices that go along with yoga –

YAMMAS – this is your attitude towards the world – how do you treat others? Mother Earth? It’s Ethics – having compassion, understand and acceptance of each and every person.

NIYAMAS – Attitude towards yourself –  Are you treating YOURSELF with acceptance and compassion? Keeping your body and mind healthy -feeding yourself and your mind in order to grow?

ASANAS – these are the postures we do on a daily basis

PRANAYAMA – turning inward/self reflection –

DHARANA – focus or concentration –

DHYANA – meditation

SAMADHI – enlightenment –

I certainly don’t know everything and my journey to learning more about yoga has clearly just begun. The only one of these I have any “perfection” in are Asanas. And I am really far, far, from perfect.

I am working on Niyama – I am taking care of myself, yoga of course, taking a few minutes here or there, taking the long route home when I need a few extra minutes. Making sure I get out twice a week to ride. I make sure my girls get to the barn or dance – Now I’m making sure I make the time to do the same for myself.

Yammas- I think is a continual process – How do I treat others?  I do try very hard to not be judgmental about others, I buy organic food and grass feed meat – I recycle everything I possibly can – I capture and release bugs and spiders from our home.

Pranayama, dharana, dhyana and samdahi I am sill learning about and personally working on 🙂

So – a question  – What is your passion and how does it help you to grow?

Bright Blessings

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