Make it Monday

So this happened this weekend –







It was a double Feis weekend here in St. Louis – Lots of wigs, glitter, hard shoes, tears and excitement  –

Jaia did great this weekend and is slowly, slowly but surely, moving up in the ranks. She’s now “prizewinner” in Reel (reached just yesterday!) Treble jig, and Slip Jig. She was super happy with her win yesterday- First in the Reel – something she’s been ‘trying for’ for months – (If she only practiced!)

But I am so happy and proud of her. She did work for that win!

Because of our double feis weekend, and another week of sickies in this house (I know!) I didn’t get around to making my project  –

Instead I thought I’d share some of the crafty blogs I like to browse through – (and maybe dream about and drool over)

My kids are too old for some of these, but I still enjoy looking and I get quite a few ideas for homeschool groups and such….

Whew! that’s a lot! I also – of course!  – like Pinterest and Etsy – just to look at everything everyone is making and drooling over purses and bags and shoes and what not-


Bright Blessings!

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