Another Feis down – Two more to go (at least for us)

This past Labor Day weekend, Jaia and I travelled to Kansas City for the KC Feis and huge Irish Festival. I didn’t get a lot of pictures since I was really too busy enjoying this weekend with my baby girl. but…..


Hers and Hers bags. I couldn’t persuade Jaia to pack in the same bag as I did. Had to have her own.


Dinner and desert with friends. Hershey’s chocolate cheese cake.


Dance prep waiting to go on stage.


All fancied up and still waiting for her turn on the stage.




Before we found out the placement for the last dance. She got another first in her reel, a first in her hornpipe!! These two were the dances she “needed” to completely move up into the Prizewinner dance division.  I was so proud of her! She did fabulous. She also received second in her slip jig and second in her traditional set.


Swimming with friends after the Feis.


Dancing with friends at the irish festival.


First ever corn dog (I think) –

We hung around the festival till the end to hear Gaelic Storm play. They were fabulous and we were treated to the show of her irish dance teacher being called on stage since it was her birthday!


A gathering of musicians at 11:30 pm Saturday night in the hotel hallway.  After the festival was over these awesome musicians gathered to play more. We hung out and enjoyed the music for a good 40 minutes.


A “quick” stop before we headed home.

What a fabulous weekend.

“School” started today for the girls. Photography and Algebra for Rowan, an art class, creative wiring and drama class for jaia. Tomorrow starts our school days here at home.

Hopefully we’ll be back to a routing soon.

Bright Blessings!

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