Early Morning Solitude

The creatures in my house are waking up. I can hear Rowan crooning to her puppy in her bedroom. Daisy and Winter are antsy to go out. Pages are being turned in Jaia’s bedroom.

I’m sitting on my sofa enjoying the solitude before the girls bring awareness into this house. Before the puppy is released and makes her mad dash and leaps onto the sofa for her morning snuggles. Enjoying my cup of coffee.

Early morning has got to be my favorite time of the day.

The corners are still shrouded in shadows, and for a brief moment, the dust bunnies are gone, things not put away are hidden and the house looks somewhat tidy.

The TV is off. It’s still quiet in my world. It’s my time to sit in contemplation, plan for the day, and listen.

My husband is returning today from his 3rd week of travel.  The weeks end up being years long the more he travels. There’s no other adult in the house to talk to.

We started school this week. A crazy, hectic week filled with back and forth running to their classes, volunteer time, dance, and  to the barn. It was a chaotic week to say the least. A routine needs to be in place. I missed yoga, something I really need for a healthy mental attitude.

Jaia almost missed her first class yesterday. I thought is was a 12:00.  Luckily at 10:50 I looked at my schedule. She started at 11:00. She made it just a few minutes late.  Rowan missed a side walk hour because they’d sent out the schedule wrong.  Jaia dropped one of my grandmothers plates. One of two that I own.  I have not been sleeping well.

That was my day yesterday.

The house is still in shadows. It’s cloudy outside. I love a good rain. It’s cleansing. The girls are awake now, invading my space – the day is beginning.


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