It’s been a whirlwind these past couple of weeks. So busy with back to school and getting girls where they need to go – quite often at the same time on the same day now. And then there was the trip to Cambridge/Boston with my husband. Amazing I have to say. I am super jealous of the ability they have in Cambridge and Boston to WALK  everywhere or ride a bike. Their public transportation system there is awesome! I figured out part of the subway:) ( we have NO subway)

I walked over 10 miles each of the days I was there.  Tuesday I spent the day wandering around Cambridge – I visited Harvard –



While at Harvard, I went to the Art Museum –


And the museum of Natural History –


I spent hours walking and looking and taking in the sights. I found it lovely and amazing.

Wednesday and Thursday morning-  I spent the time wandering around BOSTON!  I won’t bore you with the 1000 pictures I took but I wandered around Boston for HOURS as well.

I strolled down, and up, streets and streets of row houses –



I toured a couple of notable houses that still had the original decor, victorian era furniture and wall paper –

I followed the freedom trail for a while , strolled through one of the oldest cemeteries, went to the aquarium (not worth the $27 price tag IMO), wandered around the wharf and stopped at the Tea party museum .


Lots o’ tea related stuff here 🙂 I did not do the tour – the steep $25 price and time constraints had me saying “next time”.

I loved Boston and I loved visiting and I do wish St. Louis was a more pedestrian friendly city – I would totally let Rowan walk in Cambridge/Boston alone  – NOT here in st. louis (downtown) , which is hard and very sad for me to say. We do have so many wonderful, wonderful things here! Like our FREE zoo, science center, art museum, missouri history museum, the arch museum. We are not given the credit we are due but at the same time, I can also see why.

Then of course we get back Thursday night and Friday I’m prepping for  a yard sale and Saturday I’m selling AT the yard sale and then come home and sleep because I was sick AGAIN. Sunday too.  I swear that every time I get on a plane I get off sick.

I do apologize if you are looking for make it monday posts – I have not been on top of those but I will be again soon!

No more travels for me anytime soon! Back to regularly scheduled school 🙂

Bright Blessings!

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