First Day of Fall

Yay! it’s the turning of the seasons here in Missouri – the first day of fall – temperatures are a bit cooler, the windows are open – the heat not so oppressive. We are finding our homeschooling groove again, between running here and there for volunteer jobs and homeschool classes. I’m finding it difficult to fit in yoga classes this September. I’m hoping our grove settles into permanence soon since we’ve all found that the longer I go without yoga, the bitchier and crankier I get.

Today was amazing, after a 2 week hiatus from the mat, I definitely needed to get back my routine. I’m still trying to work my favorite classes into our now busy schedule. The timing for homeschool classes is making my getting to yoga difficult. I may actually have to attend different yoga classes! oh the horror 😉

Today reminded me how important it is though.


Donuts were requested this morning. So I stopped by Strange Donuts on the way home. And check out that tea mug there!? Cute! Rowan wants one now so I’ll have to find one for her for christmas.  My mother gave that to me Saturday after the yard sale – but wait! She’d purchased this “years ago” for my birthday  and forgot to give it to me then. She found it when she was clearing things out for the yard sale. Yep  – I always have been and always will be – the middle child. oiy –

And I have to share this picture –


Because who cannot resist that face!

Bright Blessings!

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