Trying Something New

I’ve decided this year to try my hand at tincture making. I’ve made salves and lotions and lip balms before, but this will be new territory for me.

I’m just in the learning stages right now but I don’t think it will be difficult. I’ll just need a bit of patience in waiting while the herbs do their thing in the alcohol.

Last night while Rowan rode  – I sat and read – grabbing some of my favorite herbalist books on the way out the door –



I have a few herbs in my cart over at Mountain Rose Herbs but I think I need to narrow it down for my first try 🙂 I’m thinking Elder and Echinacea for this winter’s flu season, seeing as we’ve all been sicker this summer than ever before. I”m hoping to stave off any nastiness this February!

Any advice?

Bright Blessings!


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